Surf Photography – Stuart Gibson Profile

No more do surf magazines require writing. Why? Because thanks to people like Stuart Gibson, the photographs do the talking.

There are plenty of surfers out there with a camera strapped around their neck trying to make a quick buck. Yet there are a select few that sit far above the majority. Gibson is up there with the best, top shelf material, Mt. Everest altitude, Eifel tower high- you get the point!

Being a world-class surf photographer you clearly need two things at your disposal; Crazy waves and crazy surfers. Gibson has both only a stones throw away from his doorstep.

He hails from the wild, rugged region of Tasmania, Australia. This beautiful yet difficult region is battered by huge storms, thus producing serious waves of consequence. This is not Hawaii, the surf community is small, tight, and have to brave the elements on a regular basis to score. Also, they are no pussycats, they take huge beatings at spots you would only watch from dry land.

Anyway let’s get to the snaps. Stuart has been photographing possibly the heaviest wave in the world;Shipsterns Bluff, so watch out for those ones.

This is just a fraction of what Stuart Gibson has to offer, please check out his sites at

All images below are available to order. Enjoy!

Urghhhhhh!!!! The Beast

Sunset Boost!

Below sea level


Blue Reef West Tas


3 S’s. Santa. Surf. Shipsterns

East Coast Tas