Surf News – The upcoming Roxy Pro – Laura Enever chill time

Whilst the men on the ASP are heading over to Jeffreys Bay, SA, the women are getting ready to flock over to Biarritz, France.

The home of European surfing, Biarritz will play host to the ASP Womens Longboard event and the ASP World Title event.

With the world title race officially on, Carrisa Moore seems to be extended the gap between poll position and the rest of the field. If all the elements combine, the young Hawaiian has the chance to bag the title at this early stage in Biarritz.

Courtsey of Surfer Mag

Tour ripper Laura Enever has been chilling with just one week to go. Taking a little time-out from the World Tour pressures is sometimes needed. Although she has bagged herself a few sweet little waves at the same time-off course!!

Check her out here sucking helium, smashing some waves, and visiting the Nike 6.0 HQ.


Surf News -Vote Laura Enever for Cosmopolitan fun, fearless, Female

Nike 6.0 star Laura Enever in blowing up in the fashion world.

This rising surfing star is fresh on the world tour, and boy do we love her.

You can vote for Laura as Cosmopolitan’s FUN, FEARLESS, FEMALE, FINALIST at

Get voting, Enever deserves it more than anyone, she has been absolutley charging of late.

Can handle the heavy stuff. Pretty deep?

Surf News – Peter Devries Innersection spring round winner – check it!

Peter Devries: Spring Round Winner from INNERSECTION on Vimeo.

If you don’t know about Innersection then where’s your head been for the past year? In a very, dark crevasse I expect.

Anyway Innersection is a ‘freesurfing platform’. What does that mean your asking, well, it gives surfers the chance to work alongside filmmakers and editors in producing a short surf movie. If you win, you go home with a $100,o00 in your back pocket (ohh no it wont fit put it in the briefcase) and a section in the next Taylor Steele surf movie.

Taylor Steele is the Tarantino of the surf movie world. He produced the massive ‘Castles in the Sky’ which delved deep in to the feeling and vibe that surrounds surfing and travel in obscure locations worldwide.

This time Peter Devries braved the icy waters of Canada to bag himself the winner of this round. He now goes into the top 5 with a chance of bagging the big bucks. The great thing about this entire project, is that you, me, Tom, Dick and Harry are the ones who vote. So get over to Innersection to check the other clips and vote to decide who you think the worthy winner is.

Surf news: Cheeky drop in

Short but sweet. Watch over and over to see if you can spot what happens when you burn someone bad – You make them eat shhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiittttttttt. So dont do it. Its bad, really, really bad. And this was a competition. I wonder if he got a interference?

Sooruz Lacanua Pro 2009 – Unknown surfers.

Kolohe Andino wins Quiksilver USA surfing championship

Kolohe Andino 10 point ride at Quiksilver USA surfing championship

 Check the link above to witness Kolohe Andino absolutely annihilate his final wave at Lower Trestles to be crowned winner of the Under 18 category of the Quicksilver USA surfing championships.
Trestles pumped for the majority of the contest with consistent 4-6 ft waves which looked almost double overhead for most of the competitors. (being groms)
Kolohe Andino, 17, from San Clemente, was super eager to take this one after not reaching the finals in a previous Lower Trestles event. And boy was he unbeatable. Ian Gential put the pressure on slightly at the beginning of the final but then Kolohe’s domination came in to full force and he finished with a combined heat total of 18.67!
Nowadays it seems like every single surfer is ‘He’s one to watch out for’ or ‘He’s going to be the next Slater’ but it actually seems a possibility with this kid. A lot of people seem to be investing plenty of time and money in to him. He has just confirmed a long contract with Billabong (god knows how much that was worth???) and has one of the best crew around him that is available in the surfing world. Anyway, even if he doesn’t make it (although he is destined for the World Tour) , he is still going to be rich, not have to work ever in his life and get to surf all day every day.Not bad eh