Surf News – Kolohe Andino is on fire!!!!

Kolohe Andino Official
Transworld Surf

This kid is non-stop at the minute. He is absolutley smashing everything. Perfect 10’s, 1st place finishes, huge airs and now, coverboy of Transworld Surf Magazine.

One of the worlds biggest surf mags, Kolohe has deservadly bagged the top spot with an awesome shot of him blowing the fins and throwing some spray.

Check out his 10 at the end of this clip at the Mr Price pro

And another 10 here at Lower Trestles. Absolutley ripping!!

Kolohe Andino wins USA Championships from Nike 6.0 on Vimeo.


Surf News – Mr Price Pro Ballito 2011

Day 1 highlight
An ASP Prime event located in Ballito, South Africa. The comp kicked off on Monday with some immense conditions. Over-head, dredging barrels rifled down the point breaking boards and ego’s.

It also saw some of the worlds best surfers get slotted in some huge barrels. Stand out of the day had to be Kolohe Andino. The 17 year old got the barrel of his life and was justifiably rewarded with a perfect 10 point ride. Andino said “I’m on such high right now,” “These are some of the best waves I’ve surfed in my life!” .

Kolohe is on a roll at the minute coming off a win at the Quiksilver USA surfing championships in Cali. Everyone has big dreams for this boy, keep your eyes pealed.

The excelllent swell is set to continue. The entire surfing world will soon be setting up camp in South Africa as the ASP Billabong Pro at Jefferys bay kicks off next week. Who you got your money on, Slater, Jordy, Parko?

Kolohe Andino wins Quiksilver USA surfing championship

Kolohe Andino 10 point ride at Quiksilver USA surfing championship

 Check the link above to witness Kolohe Andino absolutely annihilate his final wave at Lower Trestles to be crowned winner of the Under 18 category of the Quicksilver USA surfing championships.
Trestles pumped for the majority of the contest with consistent 4-6 ft waves which looked almost double overhead for most of the competitors. (being groms)
Kolohe Andino, 17, from San Clemente, was super eager to take this one after not reaching the finals in a previous Lower Trestles event. And boy was he unbeatable. Ian Gential put the pressure on slightly at the beginning of the final but then Kolohe’s domination came in to full force and he finished with a combined heat total of 18.67!
Nowadays it seems like every single surfer is ‘He’s one to watch out for’ or ‘He’s going to be the next Slater’ but it actually seems a possibility with this kid. A lot of people seem to be investing plenty of time and money in to him. He has just confirmed a long contract with Billabong (god knows how much that was worth???) and has one of the best crew around him that is available in the surfing world. Anyway, even if he doesn’t make it (although he is destined for the World Tour) , he is still going to be rich, not have to work ever in his life and get to surf all day every day.Not bad eh