Spring swell is upon us!


Well, all western coastlines have been alight with groomed groundswell, offshore winds and back to back sunshine this past week.

It makes you appreciate the perfection that lies on our doorstep when all the elements combine. We often feel inadequate as a surfing nation to our neighbours who suck every drop of Atlantic power and are favoured by blocking high pressures. Through a winter plagued by stong on-shores, we have finally been blessed by a unsual early spring, offering optimal surfing conditions and record-breaking temperatures.

The following shots were taken at Saunton Sands, with a few from Croyde Bay thrown in for good measure. Blinding glare and awkward tides, made for tricky shooting conditions.

Be proud to be a UK surfer!

Philip Hill crossing it up.

Greg Norman sunset re-entry.

Greg Norman on his way to the nose.

Croyde Unknown

Gallery of both sessions taken at Saunton Sands and Croyde Bay – March 26th-27th 6 -8pm

Check Greg Norman out @ http://gregnormansurfer.blogspot.co.uk/

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Surf news – Torrey Meister, naked surfing!

Torrey Meister: Spring Round Qualifier from INNERSECTION on Vimeo.

Oh wait, you cannot be missing the runner-up also, Tory Meister (great name I know) , who bagged 2nd place to Peter Devries with this lovely little adaptation of your traditional surf flick. Never before have I seen a guy so casually strut around in the buff and not give a damm. Respect Tory!!!!

Surf News – Free surf film from Billabong – Blow Up!

Blow Up from Billabong USA on Vimeo.

Wow. Now this is amazing. The days when you had to visit your local surf shop and spend £15 for an amateurly filmed surf flick are no more. The major surf brands are doing their rounds with viral videos and dudeeeeeeeeeee, are they doing it good.

Here you get 30 minutes of mind blowing technical surfing all for free. If you dont like it, who cares – your wallet is no lighter.Billabong are backing their groms and pushing them to the highest levels. Sit back, feet up and embrace Ian Gentil, Jack Freestone, Laurie Towner, Granger Larsen and more, literally BLOW the fuck UP before your eyes. Enjoy!

Volcom Amsterdam AM skateboard live competition

I know its not surfing but stillcheck it out, live now in Amsterdam, sick comp!


Surf News – Billabong ISA surf competition live now!!!


Surf news: Cheeky drop in

Short but sweet. Watch over and over to see if you can spot what happens when you burn someone bad – You make them eat shhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiittttttttt. So dont do it. Its bad, really, really bad. And this was a competition. I wonder if he got a interference?

Sooruz Lacanua Pro 2009 – Unknown surfers.