Surf News – Teahupoo ASP outlook

Chopes (the hot head) is renowned as one of the heaviest waves in the world. It undoubtably takes the crown for the most feared wave on the ASP world tour.

The Billabong Pro kicks of this weekend and fingers, arms ands legs crossed, it looks as if there’s a swell on the horizon.

The late Andy Irons made a glorious comeback last year and raised the trophy in a much deserved win. This year, who’s on the cards? For me Nike 6.0 star Michel Bourez defiantly has the potential to snag it from the pack. Firstly, he is a Tahitian. Returning to his homeland for the most breath-taking event of the year must push him a little bit more. Secondly, he is not nicknamed ‘The Spartan’ for nothing. He thrives for heavy conditions. When no one else will go Bourez will for sure. In a recent interview with Waves magazine, Bourez said “Teahupoo is why I wanted to be on the tour,” he explained that  “I just put my mind to surfing. Right now, when I get home I might train for a little bit because there’s going to be a long leg so it’s going to be hard. I need to be ready physically.”

You can catch-all the live action here courtesy of Billabong


Surf News – Billabong Pre Jeffreys Bay LIVE now!!!!!

The comp which is supposed to be pumping for the duration has been less than adequate thus far. But ladies and gentlemen-now its pumping!!! 4-6ft light offshore and big and wackable.

Some Adriano De Souza-world number 1,  has been knocked out by fellow countryman Alejo Muniz.

The 3 man non-elimination rounds are on their way up so check it out.


Taj Burrow, Josh Kerr up next

Surf News – Mr Price Pro Ballito 2011

Day 1 highlight
An ASP Prime event located in Ballito, South Africa. The comp kicked off on Monday with some immense conditions. Over-head, dredging barrels rifled down the point breaking boards and ego’s.

It also saw some of the worlds best surfers get slotted in some huge barrels. Stand out of the day had to be Kolohe Andino. The 17 year old got the barrel of his life and was justifiably rewarded with a perfect 10 point ride. Andino said “I’m on such high right now,” “These are some of the best waves I’ve surfed in my life!” .

Kolohe is on a roll at the minute coming off a win at the Quiksilver USA surfing championships in Cali. Everyone has big dreams for this boy, keep your eyes pealed.

The excelllent swell is set to continue. The entire surfing world will soon be setting up camp in South Africa as the ASP Billabong Pro at Jefferys bay kicks off next week. Who you got your money on, Slater, Jordy, Parko?

Surf News – Billabong wetsuit designed to save lives

Big wave surfing has claimed the lives of too many surfers over previous years. Most recent being Hawaiian giant rider Sion Milosky who passed away after getting pitched on a bomb at Maveriks earlier this year.

This suit has been designed alongside Shane Dorian after he was nearly killed on a severe wipeout in 2010. Basically the simple tech behind the suit is that it includes a compartment between the shoulders, that stores a ‘bladder’ attached to a CO2 cartridge. When a surfer gets in a tricky situation and needs to surface fast one can tug on a cord which inflates the bladder and hopefully sends you shooting to the surface.

Its designed to effectively eliminate big wave ‘hold downs’. My only concerns are how easy is it going to be to pull this cord when a 40ft beast has just landed on your head. Also a problem with big wave surfing is that when caught within the ‘impact zone’, it’s often the 2nd, 3rd or 4th set wave which is going to give you the beating yet you have already used your trusty surfacing device.

Undoubtably inventions such as this one are welcomed within the surfing community. Designs will obviously develop and progress but I doubt wherever this new wetsuit will see us ‘ordinary’ surfers waxing up our guns and heading to some outer reef!

Surf News – Free surf film from Billabong – Blow Up!

Blow Up from Billabong USA on Vimeo.

Wow. Now this is amazing. The days when you had to visit your local surf shop and spend £15 for an amateurly filmed surf flick are no more. The major surf brands are doing their rounds with viral videos and dudeeeeeeeeeee, are they doing it good.

Here you get 30 minutes of mind blowing technical surfing all for free. If you dont like it, who cares – your wallet is no lighter.Billabong are backing their groms and pushing them to the highest levels. Sit back, feet up and embrace Ian Gentil, Jack Freestone, Laurie Towner, Granger Larsen and more, literally BLOW the fuck UP before your eyes. Enjoy!

Surf News – Billabong ISA surf competition live now!!!