Surf News – Peter Devries Innersection spring round winner – check it!

Peter Devries: Spring Round Winner from INNERSECTION on Vimeo.

If you don’t know about Innersection then where’s your head been for the past year? In a very, dark crevasse I expect.

Anyway Innersection is a ‘freesurfing platform’. What does that mean your asking, well, it gives surfers the chance to work alongside filmmakers and editors in producing a short surf movie. If you win, you go home with a $100,o00 in your back pocket (ohh no it wont fit put it in the briefcase) and a section in the next Taylor Steele surf movie.

Taylor Steele is the Tarantino of the surf movie world. He produced the massive ‘Castles in the Sky’ which delved deep in to the feeling and vibe that surrounds surfing and travel in obscure locations worldwide.

This time Peter Devries braved the icy waters of Canada to bag himself the winner of this round. He now goes into the top 5 with a chance of bagging the big bucks. The great thing about this entire project, is that you, me, Tom, Dick and Harry are the ones who vote. So get over to Innersection to check the other clips and vote to decide who you think the worthy winner is.


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